About us

At Virtualink, we're sharing our vision for connecting people in the metaverse as well as for creating links between the real and digital worlds.

One of Virtualink’s missions is reinvent the ownership of artwork, with perpetual income generation in contrary to hung on the wall hidden from the public for ages. We also build community for open minded artists to link them, and guide them on the seamless shapeshifting from real world into the metaverse. We plan hybrid gallery exhibitions for both creators and collectors.



In 2022 our first project „ARTGALLERY-NFT” aims to reform our thinking of famous paintings and NFTs.
 At Virtualink, we're delighted about the birth of a new type of digital merchandise called non-fungible token, or NFT. NFTs have extraordinary new properties: they’re unique, tradeable, and usable across multiple applications. Just like physical goods, you can do whatever you want with them! You can throw them in the trash, gift them to a friend across the world, or sell them on an open marketplace.